Castle VPN


Some frequently asked questions

How do I connect to the Castle VPN service?

Go to the Castle VPN Login Page, enter your username and password and click 'Go'. You will be automatically connected as soon as the OpenVPN Connect software is downloaded and installed.

What are the differences between the Basic, Standard, and Professional accounts?

The Basic VPN account has a download speed limitation of 10 Mbps. The Standard VPN account has no limitation, except that it can only be used by one computer at a time. The Premium VPN account can be shared between multiple users and computers at the same time.

Will I be able to access blocked content if I'm in China or other foreign countries?

Yep. When using our VPN all sites on the Internet, including Facebook, will think you are located in the USA.

Is everything I do while connected to Castle VPN secure and anonymous?

Yes. Every program and service on your computer that accesses the Internet will be encrypted and anonymized by Castle VPN whenever the service is active.

Is my purchase protected if I'm not satisfied?

Absolutely. We provide a 7-Day money back guarantee. No questions asked, just let us know and we will issue a full refund.

What if I lost or forgot my username and password?

Login information can be viewed and reset at our Client Portal.

Why do I have two different usernames and passwords?

For enhanced security and anonymity we provide one set of username and password for managing your account, and another for accessing the Castle VPN.

Will Castle VPN protect me from session hijacking attacks like Firesheep?

Absolutely. Using our VPN service encrypts all traffic you send, even when using public wireless networks.